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2016: Dencowear Celebrates 50 Years in Business!

We're thrilled to say that Dencowear, the company that brings you the Salonwear brand, has been in business for 50 years!



Celebrating 50 years of Innovation and Excellence

2016 marks a very special anniversary here at Salonwear Direct. For 50 years we have been fulfilling our commitment to innovation in the uniform market through fashion led garment styling and by delivering high-quality uniforms matched with a quality service to our customers.

As part of our celebration, we'd like to share the story of Salonwear Direct with you from humble beginnings to leading fashion for the salon in both the UK and on an international basis.

History of Dencowear | Salonwear Direct


Humble Beginnings with Dencowear

We begin our story with company founder Louis Shinwell in 1948. Louis had always dreamed of owning his own business and, with a little past experience making ties, he set up a small production line in the front room of his house.

The pioneering spirit of Louis Shinwell led Dencowear, then Peters & Shinwell, to a new location in Leeds where they continued to manufacture garments for 18 years.

Then, in 1966, a relative of the family brought a Cossack style dental jacket back from America. Louis saw the potential of this garment and, with the help of wife Molly Shinwell, began to sell this garment in a range of clinical styles. This dental coat inspired the name of the company, Dencowear.

To this day, Dencowear still manufactures and distributes healthcare garments and continues to look for the latest fashion led styles for both salon and healthcare wear.

Birth of Salonwear | Salonwear Direct

The Birth of Salonwear Direct

In 1986 Louis Shinwell retired and sold the company. However, the family nature of the business was continued through Sue Sherman, the daughter of Louis, who continued the growth of Dencowear. Over this period offices were outgrown, staff numbers increased and Dencowear continued to thrive.

During this time, Dencowear had been manufacturing uniforms for the beauty industry for a number of wholesale clients. Then, in 1999, one wholesale client approached us with a business opportunity to sell directly to college students. Dencowear accepted and began selling beauty uniforms under a new name; Salonwear Direct by 2000. This, once again, spearheaded a new period of growth.

Modern Era | Salonwear Direct

The Modern Era

It was in 2003, four years after the birth of Salonwear Direct that the third generation, Sue Sherman's son Ilan, joined the business and began a process of modernization. During this time, a company website was launched and Salonwear and Dencowear moved premises multiple times to accommodate growing stock levels and employee numbers.

The modern era has seen huge expansion to the point that Salonwear Direct is now the market leader in the supply of beauty uniforms within the UK.

Despite all this growth, Salonwear Direct is still committed to the pioneering spirit of Louis Shinwell and continues the company philosophy of supplying fashion led garment styling in the uniform industry.

The family business continues with a team of enthusiastic, hardworking staff and we have seen multiple plaudits for our work over the years including receiving the "Best Uniform Supplier" award from the Beauty Guild in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015!

Of course, we could not have achieved all of this without you, our incredible customers who continue to drive us to deliver the outstanding service you expect.

For continuing to be a source of inspiration and passion, the whole team of Salonwear Direct would like to personally thank you.

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By Ilan Sherman