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Garment Care

How to Look After Your Beauty Uniform


Four-way stretch fabric

Our signature four-way stretch fabric can be washed at 40 degrees as synthetics. It’s ‘drip and dry’ easy-care quality means that it comes out of the washing machine almost dry without the need for any tumble drying. It is recommended for hanging dry, so to ensure its longevity, avoid unnecessary drying. Also, try not to over feed your washing machine and wash your garment with similar colours. It shouldn’t need ironing but if you choose to iron, make sure to iron the garment inside out on no more than a medium setting, especially around any trims, prints, hems or embroidery. It can be dry cleaned, if preferred.


Soft-touch polyester fabric

Beauty uniform made from our soft-touch polyester is suitable for washing at up to 40 degrees. It is recommended that you wash it with similar colours as the colour can rub off onto other garments if dark and light washes are mixed. It’s best to wash it with similar fabrics, for example ones with similar fibres or fibre content, so it the garment stays soft and smooth. This means avoid mixing it with harder fabrics like denim. It is best to wash the item frequently to preserve the quality and life of the garment so you can avoid heavy soiling. Always follow all drying instructions carefully as per the care label.



Polycotton fabric

Polycotton salon uniform items can be washed at up to 60 degrees, as many of the polycotton uniform garments comply with infection-control guidelines. You should wash with similar colours in either light, dark or white washes to avoid any discolouration. Polycotton is quite a popular fabric and so you can easily wash it with other polycotton and cotton items to keep the garment looking great. Many polycotton items are suitable for industry-grade laundry and so can normally be tumble dried quite easily – just follow the care instructions on the label.