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Article: Our Top 5 PPE Essentials for Your Salon

Our Top 5 PPE Essentials for Your Salon

Our Top 5 PPE Essentials for Your Salon

5 PPE Essentials for Your Salon

As we begin counting down to the reopening of the beauty industry, on the 2nd of December, you will need to once again consider how to make your salon, hairdressers, nail bar or spa as safe as possible and with just three weeks to fit in your clients Christmas treatments, there is no doubt you will be extremely busy. With this is mind it is even more important that you have the right PPE and hygiene procedures in place to keep both yourself, your staff and your customers safe. 

In this blog post we will take you through our top 5 PPE products, essential for keeping everyone in your salon as protected as possible. 

1. Communications Mask with Panel 

Our first recommendation would be our communications mask. 

Masks and face coverings are used to protect those around you by acting as a barrier, capturing droplets as they exit your airways. Although essential for keeping everyone protected, masks do make it harder to communicate. In customer facing businesses like salons, hairdressers and nail bars the communication between you and your clients is essential in giving a more personal experience and generating a loyal customer base. 

In order to help maintain these essential relationships with clients we would recommend our pack of two communications masks which have a clear panel allowing all facial expressions to be seen. It is especially useful with clients who have hearing difficulties as the anti-fog technology means the mouth area is always visible. The mask is made with a copper lining resulting in a bacterial filtration of at least 99%, so you can be assured a high level of protection is provided. Moreover, our clear face mask is washing machine safe and therefore reusable, providing a sustainable and cost-effective method of protection. 

2. Clear Disposable Gown Pack

Another clear essential for any salon are gowns. Our clear disposable gowns are lightweight, waterproof and provide full coverage ensuring the protection of clients clothes. There disposable nature is also desirable as it avoids contamination of germs from one client to the next. These gowns are easy to put on by simply tying at the back of the neck. They come in a pack of 100 so are ideal for use within businesses. 

3. Alcogel Hand Sanitiser 

Having hand sanitiser in your salon is essential for preventing the spread of potentially harmful germs. Here at Salonwear, we provide a range of different hand sanitisers, including large bottles ideal for commercial use and smaller bottles ideal for personal use.

Within salon environments, we would recommend our 5-litre bottle of Alcogel hand sanitiser. It has a high alcohol percentage of 70%, essential for effectively killing harmful bacteria. Moreover, due to its large size, it is ideal for filling up hand sanitising stations positioned around the salon, allowing both staff and customers to keep there hands clean. 

4. Protective Roller Shields 

Protective roller shields are another PPE essential used to prevent the spread of droplets formed when coughing or sneezing. They are ideal for use in reception areas where many people are visiting as well as between stations if social distancing is not possible.

At Salonwear we offer four different sizes of roller shields so you are sure to find something suitable for you. They are simply fitted using either the rigid back bar or clips if you have suspended ceiling grids. 

5. Disinfectant wipes 

Disinfectant wipes are a quick and easy way to keep key areas of your salon clean, such as reception desks, waiting areas and treatment spaces. The disinfectant wipes we offer come in a tub of 500 with an alcohol percentage of 70%. In addition, they make use of the latest biocidal technology and kill 99% of germs, so you can feel confident that these wipes are effective in disinfecting your salon. Moreover, they are PH neutral and food-safe so can be used in staff kitchens to wipe down commonly used equipment like kettles, taps, surfaces and fridges.

These are just 5 PPE items we offer, to browse our full range visit 

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