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5 Reasons Your Beauty Business Should Have A Uniform

There are many aspects to consider when trying to create a successful beauty business. The first ones that come to mind are probably the treatments you offer, opening hours, and whether you’ll be mobile or in a salon, and where the salon would be. Clearly, there’s quite a few things to think about.

Another popular question amongst owners of beauty businesses; do we need a professional beauty uniform? After all, your staff are the ones that customers will be meeting on a daily basis, so it’s important that the aesthetic they portray is consistent, on-brand, and professional.

Here are 5 reasons your beauty business should have a uniform.

1)    Less for Staff to Worry About

Of course, for some people, the idea of wearing whatever you want to work seems appealing, but it’s certainly a lot easier and more convenient to have a stylish, comfortable outfit you can rely on.

People who don’t have to wear a salon uniform to work often find it stressful deciding what to wear, as they may not own many suitable outfits. It can also be difficult shopping for the right items of clothing. Therefore, having a uniform removes these problems for your employees.

Furthermore, getting your uniform right and choosing one that your staff are happy with can help them feel comfortable in how they look at work. With a team that like their uniform and feel happy wearing it, you’re likely to see a strong morale boost amongst them, which is beneficial for the whole business.

2)    Branding

There’s no avoiding the fact that brand identity is crucial for any business. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world. They’ve all got character and are easily recognisable, aren’t they? They’re also very likely to have a memorable or catchy slogan, maybe seen or heard in an advert.

The point is, as a beauty business, your professional salon uniform should be a large part of your brand; an extension of it. The colour or colours of your uniform should align with the general branding work you’ve done in other areas like the website or shop-front, for example. Anything that makes your business individual and distinguishable from others, you can get this across with your uniform. It’s important to try to capture your business’ overall vibe with the clothes the staff wear. Again, they’re the people that the customers see, right? Designing your uniform in accordance with what the customers already know about your brand will create a smoother and more satisfying customer experience.

Putting your logo on a uniform is a great place to start. You could even have your staff wear name badges too, to add a more personal and friendly touch, which could then boost customer loyalty.

3)    Sense of Pride for the Beauty Industry

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes for a moment; you walk into a salon and see one member of staff wearing skinny jeans and a crop top, another is wearing tracksuit bottoms and a jumper, another wearing a jumpsuit. Would you rather this or would you prefer to walk into a salon and see all the staff wearing a slick, stylish uniform that really represents the industry they’re working in?

Wearing a uniform shows your customers that you’re passionate and serious about the beauty industry; you don’t just want to do the job, you want to look the part too. The beauty industry is an amazing and exciting industry, so why wouldn’t you want to show off that you’re a part of it, and proud to be a part of it too? This relates back to the point about building a brand, as the industry-leaders in most industries have a recognisable uniform that their staff consistently wear, emphasizing the brand image as well as their passion for the industry. It looks better from an outside perspective - a potential customers’ perspective - to wear a uniform; it shows the customers you really care about providing a great service.

Additionally, it shows pride in the business as well as the wider industry. Your staff are proud to work for such a great business, and a uniform can help them embrace that.

4)    Consistency (with a bit of versatility)

If all members of staff in a salon consistently wear a uniform, it gives customers reassurance that anyone who might treat them are all of a high skill-level. If some people are wearing beauty uniforms and others are not, this may create confusion and customers are likely to be less trusting of those not wearing company uniforms. So this consistency ensures a sense of professionalism that will impress your customers.

That being said, there is certainly some room for versatility. For example, as the seasons change, your uniform could change too, keeping staff looking fresh and aligned with the seasons in what they wear. In winter, staff are likely to prefer a uniform with more layers, and in the summer a more cool and comfortable one to avoid overheating. This versatility need not hinder the brand identity function of the uniform – it can still be the same colour year-round and have the logo too – but the items of clothing could change. For a beauty business, there could be a choice of tunics, dresses, trousers, and so on.

5)    Mobile Business Brand

Some mobile beauty therapists may find it tricky to create a brand identity as there is no physical salon to act as the ‘main base’ for the business, but a uniform is definitely a good route to take. Although it may seem slightly more laid back and personal when you’re visiting someone’s home to work, it’s still a good idea to wear a uniform to ensure there is still a professional element to it. Treatment from mobile therapists is often seen as a cheaper option, so wearing a uniform will also reassure the customer that your service is still high-quality.

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