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Article: 14 Productive Tasks Beauty Professionals Can Do During the Covid-19 Isolation

14 Productive Tasks Beauty Professionals Can Do During the Covid-19 Isolation

14 Productive Tasks Beauty Professionals Can Do During the Covid-19 Isolation

14 Productive Things Beauty Professionals Can Do During Covid-19

Salon Closed: What to Do?

Let's be honest. None of us want to be self-isolating at home, especially if it is hurting our businesses. You've worked hard to establish a fantastic salon, spa or mobile business and you're now left having to cancel appointments and put customers, staff, family and friends on hold.

So, how can we still 'work' and be productive from home when our livelihood involves being around other people? Here's a few ideas...


1. Update Your Social Media or Create a Social Presence

We're sure you have a backog of content you haven't had time to share with the world whether it is photos of completed hair styles, nail designs, skin treatments, you name it. Perhaps you never got around to telling your customers about the new products you are offering or the treatments you are now qualified to perform. So, why not use this break from the day to day to catch up on your marketing and remind your customers why they love your business? You may have only just closed but there is no time better than the present to get them excited for your reopening.

Salonwear Instagram Profile

2. Learn a New Skill that Benefits your Business

This could be as simple as learning to braid hair by watching Youtube Tutorials so you can offer it to your clients. Or, it could be something more along the lines of admin such as reading blogs on improving your book-keeping skills. Whatever it is you've been wanting to learn or improve on, there isn't going to be a better time than right now!

3. Set Some Goals and Take Time to Reflect

What better time to start goal-setting and reflecting on what have you accomplished in the 12 months. Think about where you want to go in your career or where you want to take you business and set some realistic goals that you can go for.

Free Goal Setting Template

4. Get Up-to-date on All the Latest Products and Trends

Get reading and get watching! The fashion and beauty industry is forever-changing so why not make sure you know every trend that is important and when it is going to be important. This way you can make the most of it when you're back at work.

5. Experiment

You might as well be brave and experiment with your look whilst no one will see you if it doesn't go to plan! Whether it's trying a bold new hair colour, a new style or brand of makeup, a new nail technique, a new style of fashion or a new skin routine, if you try it now then no one will have to know if it isn't for you.

Rose Gold Lockdown Hair Catherine Tyldesley

Try a Rose Gold Temporary Dye like Catherine Tyldesley. Source: Daily Mail

6. Indulge Yourself

Got a gorgeous smelling hair mask, a 'takes ages to dry' face mask or a luxury all-over moisturiser? Maybe you have a new exfoliator or glittery bath bomb? Why not use some of this extra time at home to indulge in anything from a long bubble bath to a hair treatment to a 10-point skin regime. A perfect de-stress - you've earned it. And, what's more, is it's all research because any great product is something you can recommend to your customers.

7. Throw a Digital Girls Night In!

Take your socialising online and catch up with your friends over Facebook Live, Whatsapp or Zoom. Turn it into an opportunity to update your staff and colleagues or to discuss future plans. Wine is optional.

8. Have a 'Marie Kondo Style' Clear Out

Open up your wardrobe and drawers, try on all your clothes and accessories and ask yourself whether each items “sparks joy”. If it doesn't give it to charity or auction it for some extra cash.

9. Make a List of Everything You're Going To Do When Self-isolation is Over

Cheer yourself up by planning all the great things you can cram in after this at home period ends. From shopping trips to gigs to holidays, spa days and city breaks or even a post Covid-19 party. Whatever takes your fancy.

Free Task List Template

10. Start a Journal or Blog

This doesn't have to be about your Covid-19 isolation but it definitely can be. Perhaps you've always wanted to write about beauty tips and tricks but haven't found the time to start. It doesn't have to be public or a potential business all on its own. It could just support your business, maybe it keeps your customers informed whilst you close. Or maybe you let it be something personal or something you only share with your closest family and friends.

11. Create New Healthy Habits

New habits take weeks or months to bed into your life. Use the upheaval of your regular routine to hit refresh and add in some healthy new habits. Be sure to use trackers, adopt a 'no excuses' attitude and create an environment where you have to be truly accountable for whether you stick to it. Start by reading up on healthier diets, joining in digital fitness classes, doing a five-minute meditation or going out for a daily walk. Then update your progress onto a tracker or, better yet, post photos of your workouts and food choices to your group of friends.

Free Habit Tracker Template

12. Undertake a Project

Nothing would be more satisfying than saying that during Covid-19 you completed something. This could be anything from redecorating a room in the house to spring cleaning top to bottom to sorting out the garden to undertaking an online course to knitting a cardigan. Whatever it is, get stuck in and feel smug when it's done.

We hope you find this list useful and can find some positivity in this self-isolation period.

Stay safe and we’ll be in touch soon. Let us know what you think of our list and, if it inspires you to make the most of this time.

13. Prepare for Reopening: PPE and Social Distancing

Self-isolation isn't going to last forever and before we know it (hopefully!) it will be time to reopen your salons and spas, finally. However, it is looking more and more likely that it isn't going to be as it was. You'll need to consider social distancing, PPE and the safety of yourselves and your colleagues. If you're a salon or spa, you're probably going to be some of the last to return to work as, needless to say, you can't do your job without customer contact. This means, that protective clear screens, strong disposable gloves, disposable or washable protective aprons and gowns, face masks and heaps of hand sanitiser are going to become the new working norm. For information on how to prepare your salon or spa for reopening, read our blog about salon PPE and requirements.


14. Prepare to Reopen for Business: The Relaunch

Time away from your customers and the business means that you need to maximise what you earn when you return. So, this might mean lots of marketing to inform of new hours, policies, return dates, etc. but it also might mean a chance to update, rebrand and re-engage with your customers. The time off might mean its the perfect time for a nice update to your premises like a new lick of paint, a couple new plants or pictures for the wall or a whole interior makeover. Or, perhaps it might mean new towels, new uniforms, new products or brands on your shelves to give your salon or spa that something extra special for when it reopens.

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