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Our wide range of accessories is here to compliment any salon uniform. From stylish items such as sashes, belts, scarves and ties to practical items like fob watches, lanyards, towels and gloves, you're sure to find the perfect accessories for your beauty uniform and salon business.

Our fob watches make the perfect practical accessory to any beauty uniform. Our traditional silver fob watch is a simple style that will make your salon uniform extra classy. However, if you want to add a little sparkle to your uniform this year, the Diamante fob watch is the excellent accessory. The Diamante fob watch also makes the ideal gift when you are lost for thought. Our fob watches are perfect for beauty, nursing, health, care and veterinary professionals.

Protect your delicate hands with our disposable hairdressing gloves – perfect for hair or beauty treatments. Browse our range of Latex, Nitril and Vinyl powder free disposable gloves available in various colours and appropriate for any beauty treatment.

Our range of bright and functional lanyards is ideal for holding ID cards, name badges or keys. The lanyards are ideal for use in a variety of working environments including office based, healthcare, NHS, and beauty.

Add your own unique style to your beauty uniform with our sash and obi belts by cinching in your salon tunic at the waist. A style that always looks classy and professional in the beauty industry, bringing a spa feel to your beauty salon atmosphere and the perfect way to bring a splash of colour to your beauty uniform.